Aleco Security & Protective Solutions Inc.

Bringing Continued Service And Safety To Our Community

Experienced Military Trained Officers, Veterans


Our Officers come with a wealth of experience, and we at Aleco Security & Protective Solutions Inc. are focused on providing Security services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our officers are carefully chosen to meet the demands of our clientele.  We believe that our officers are part of our team and will be treated with the greatest respect.  We believe in paying our officers commensurate with their training and qualifications.  Although this reduces our profit margin, it allows for greater retention of our personnel.  

Being a veteran owned and operated company we strive to continue service to our nation.

Special Thanks


We at Aleco Security & Protective Solutions Inc. would like to respectfully thank particular Individuals below who have supported Veterans of the Armed Forces and our organization from the beginning. 

Liana and Mathew Vigil

Tillie Servi 

Clark Smith