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Patrol and Educational Services

Security Officer Providing Safety and Security

Our Security Guards

At Aleco Security & Protective Solutions Inc., our Armed and Unarmed Security Guards are thoroughly screened, trained, and prepared to meet the needs of your particular security concerns. Our company takes pride in our personnel and we know that each of our guards reflects the integrity of this company.

Please take the time and have us conduct a security assessment.  We will provide you with a clear understanding of what it will take to mitigate your security needs.  Our Security Guards will meet the agreed upon objectives with a mission oriented focus that will protect your investments. 

Patrol Officers

Our patrol officers provide an excellent service and can conduct security patrols on foot, bicycle, cart, or patrol car given your physical security needs.

Canine Detection Services

Canine Protection

We offer canine detection services that enhance our Uniformed Armed and Unarmed security program. Contraband detection can be incorporated into your security plan if needed. 

School Safety Training

School Safety

School Preparedness Consulting and Training of faculty, staff, students, and parent volunteers. Given the tragedies that schools in the United States have experienced, a realistic threat assessment and security plan should be employed to ensure the safety and security of our children.


Once contact is made with our company we will ask you a series of security questions that will assist us in determining a custom security package for you.  A site visit is then scheduled and an assessment is made that would help us provide a security solution for your particular needs.